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Our Story

The idea of Maeve + Me began when I was looking for outfits for a wedding we were attending in Santorini. This would be the first time Maeve (then 5 months) was going to meet a lot of people for the first time. It also provided picturesque photo opportunities to share on Instagram and also send to our family in London & Australia.

Whilst before Maeve I might never have thought I would want to wear “Mummy & Me”, after going through pregnancy, childbirth and then becoming a mother, I deserved a moment to feel beautiful with my baby. 

I spent months doing research online and in high street stores but my tiresome search turned up nothing appropriate. I found that the quality of the fabrics were poor (some even see through), they were too baggy/ tight or had terrible slogans on them. No-one had designed a product with new mums in mind, whether it be easy to breastfeed in or flattering in the right places.

I knew then that I wanted to use our story to create luxurious occasion-wear, so you can treasure these special moments hand-in-hand with your little one.

Ps. The things that were also important to me in starting this company were that it had to use natural fabrics only, be sustainable and made in London. It wasn't easy, but I hope you love our products as much as we have loved making them for you.

 Maeve + Me in Santorini






Company Name: Maeve + Me

Company Address: PO Box 72944

Registration Number: 11803769